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August 06, 2007




WendyB are a little wicked but hilarious and right-on in your comments.

the Grey

What were the rest like, worse or better? And did it say anything about the process by which these 'best-dressed' girls were picked? To me it seems, like you said, that they dress exactly like thousands of other girls not just across America but the world... I also agree that if one is going to make such a list, it should have people with more unique and daring senses of style. I mean, what's the point of such a list in the first place if you can simply go to the mall and view hundreds of similarly 'best-dressed' girls rather than just arbitrarily picked 17 of them? :P

Sullen Girl

the Grey: a few more were a bit hipster/emo-ish, a couple were really layered-ish. Nothing spectacular. It was just very plain.


the pictures you posted are plain, but i liked a few of the girls' outfits.
...aren't you too old to read seventeen?

king biscuit

They are going to get slaughtered in the letters to the editor section next issue, surely!?!

Sullen Girl

KB: If only there was a way to read ALL the letters to the editor :)

Monika: yes, yes, I'm utterly ancient. Until they come out with a Nineteen Magazine, I guess Seventeen will have to suffice.

Eduardo "the freek"

Magazines are a marketing device....What they are marketing to 17 year old girls is the status quo and all things they can buy that go along with the status quo.
The majority of people don't want to stand out. They want to blend into the crowd like all of the above.
SG you stand out, because you think that way.


BTW...I think Crystal looks like Oprah Winfrey...LOL!


I'm baaaack and this is my first stop :)
Boring stuff - the outfits, not your critique. But like Edu said, it's all a marketing plot to make every gullible girl think that such a "best dressed" look is damn easily achievable. Just a trip to the mall and you're set - a little sheep like all the rest...


I love you!

No, I don't know you, but i'm to tired to write a longer, less direct comment.



Ah, I love this. I've always thought the girls on their "best dressed" lists were boring.


Speaking as 17s #1 best dressed a couple years back...the outfit that they have on in the pic. is what the stylist picked outta their clothes for them to wear. B/c I know thats how it worked the year b4 when I was in their...those pics don't really display their unique style to the fullest. So you can't knock their style really.


Well, I like those lovely and pretty girls nicely dressed picture. I like the seventeen magazines blog. I like also Julia's picture she looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Retro Jordan

Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have natural ability for blogging!

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aren't poorly dressed, not by any means. They're just not really well dressed. They look nice (read: average), pretty (read: dressing to look hot rather than out of love for fashion), and cute (read: they look like every other non-crackwhore). They just look like girls. Girl


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