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July 24, 2007


Eduardo "the freek"

ROFL! Your comment regarding Winterizing Sandals made me spit out my water. Good one Sullen!


I think her big plastic head looks better as a brunette. Jessica I mean. Not you Tabs. You'll have a big plastic head no matter what color your hairs are... j/k


In depth fashion correspondence from San Diego!!!
Can't wait!

Kater Potater

7. Let leopard rule


Europa says leopard already rules.
Hmm, sounds like a revive of the 80's trends


I think Jessica Simpson looks like the horse!!


which of the mags you refed has the better sales ????

Sullen Girl

Hey glimmer... I don't know, actually. I know *lots* of women read Vogue because they consider it at the pinnacle of fashion, but real fashion people know that some of the independent or smaller magazines are much better. A lot of women read Cosmo for "life stuff" (read: sex tricks, diet/exercise tips).

That's a good question though, I'll have to look it up.


I guess I've been ahead of trends for years: my cats leave piles of fur all over my clothing and I never thought of it as fashionable. Thanks Harper's! And Sullen---I'm a new reader and I adore your blog!

Sullen Girl

Lol J. I have the same thing, only dog hair, everywhere. It's the natural way to winterize your wardrobe I suppose!

king biscuit

3. Grab a doctor's bag

I remember that as a child, I wanted a leather Gladstone bag for the longest time!

king biscuit

Like this one. Used to think that they were great. Too much Phineas Fogg/Victorian adventure tales as a lad methinks.

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