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July 31, 2007


Hot Girls Today

Some very good pics. I love the 3rd one especially. Nice classy clothes. and the location is great to show them off.


Firstly, yay I love the girl in the middle. She is sooo pretty and I love red hair.
Secondly, thanks for the gingham pics. I actually bought a black and white gingham dress with ruffles on the weekend and it is soooo pretty. It is from a label called Antipodium.


Great choices. I like all three.

king biscuit

That is a fab job!
And those are pretty girls in pretty clothes.


plus. she has nice legs


I don't know about New London, but in my home town, if I wore any of the three outfits, people would stare on the street, just because I dared to wear something else. I usually don't care that much, but sometimes they can't refrain from making idiotic comments, so if I do decide to wear something a little 'edgy', I need to bring some music and headphones along for the ride.


the second girl is one of my fav facehunted people ever! those eyes belong in some nightmare before christmas -esque movie...


I love the pic on the top. It is absolutely darling.

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