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July 15, 2007



She is a cutie. She's got a tiny frail little jawbone and huge, luminous eyes. It's injustice...


Just watched the trailer. Reese Witherspoon is in it too. They've joined forces. Double injustice...


There's a certain appeal to blending in, definitely. Sometimes you really do need the ability to do that... I think the problem in your case is that you are not bland and average. It's hard to pretend to be bland and average when you're not. I'd love to have a personality (and appearance) that stood out like that, but of course, we always want the things we don't have ;)

As for Christina, I'm not a huge fan of hers - but that coat is fantastic. I want one.

Eduardo "the freek"

Good to see you refound your snarky-ness!


i'm glad the celebs are back!
is the clothes rut thing to do with it being the end of the season, and it's too hot to plan great outfits? i feel the same + can't afford new stuff, plus there's no point before the autumn/winter clothes are here. plus reading loads of other blogs and looking at celeb outfits just make you feel worse about your own! your style is up to you, wear what feels best or just stay in pjs all day, thats what i really do!

Sullen Girl

Aw you guys are the best.

Syd:YOU LOOK LIKE HER! Yeah, it's injustice. I know.

chainied: Your words of wisdom are always great when my head gets all spin-y and non-sensical.

Ed: Well, I guess it never left :)

selina: yeah, you pretty much summed it up. Pjs it is for me!


HA! IS that before the pig nose or after! lol


Ha, EVRZ has saved my day. Thank you.

Post marked mail soon, by the way. I didn't forget.

I might even restart my 'blog'... but it would be all like, [i]serious[/i]. How do you think the switch went for you, aside from being unable to resist the call to snark?

king biscuit

She is extra-ordinarily cute.

Sullen, I've got to tell you something. The Girls? Those Girls. Well, they secretly wished that they had gone dressed like you did.

Sullen Girl

HI SGT!! I've missed you. You should definitely start up that blog of yours again, I for one would be an avid reader :) The switch obviously didn't work out well. I changed my blog to be more of what I wanted to write about and it turned out it was the last thing I wanted to write about. Go figure. Serious or snarky, I will totally read your Sergeantal bloggings when and if your love of Teh Intarwebz returns.

KB, I &hearts you right now. But they probably made fun of me when I walked away :) Sometimes Those Girls don't even wait until I walk away. It's insanity!

Victoria Stapleton

To fit in or not to fit in? I get totally stressed out with that same issue on a regular basis. I have quite a wide range of friends too so what might be interesting and kwirky to one group is utterly ridiculous to another. Grrrrr! I wish I could just not care but as much as I hate to admit it I do care what people think.


Make love, not war!

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