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July 17, 2007



Maybe she wants to drown herself in a river later and use her shoes as weights? I got nuthin...


Trust me - it's not just you.
Espadrilles are simply UGLY. No person in the world could ever pull them off, there's just no way.

Kater Potater

I hate them. You know.

Nikk The Templar

That picture makes me sad.

Very sad.


I dont mind some styles of espadrilles (like louboutin) but the cut of that dress is very unflattering.

Eduardo "the freek"

Espadrilles always look as though someone were standing on wicker laundry baskets.....Some reason it conjuring up images of Carly Simon....No explaination.....Probably something to do with the 70's.
Trails off....When I was a kid we had this horrible 70's orange and brown lamp...Even in the 70's this thing was just God awful.....Well, I just found it during moving....I couldn't throw it away!


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They're both beautiful,it's hard too choose.
ee...may me Kristin Bell is better!

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