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June 20, 2007



Don't like her Chucks or shorts. She looks like she's ready for bed. But I guess she is comfy

king biscuit

Ha ha ha, 'flapping', now that's brilliant.

What could have possessed her to wear that to school? Good. Lord.

The security guard must have been thankful that part of their day was enlivened by her sartorial madness.


Are they fumaring in the no fumar area?Oh,she forgot to put her pants on! That's when it helps to have a roommate, or boyfriend, or someone who can clue you in when you've forgotten an important clothing item.(pants)

Eduardo "the freek"

Definitely a no Fumaring area!

I want to make like Elmo sing a song.......Did you ever see when the Frugal Gourmet had Elmo on his show? Elmo kept getting to close to the flame and the Frugal Gourmet kept getting testy with him....It was funny as hell.
How about when Mr. Rogers visited the state penatentary?


Butt Cheeks a flapping.



funky shoes ;)

Kater Potater

No smoking area, eh?

And... ew.


flapping..thats awesome of you to point out. jeezum christ why would she do that to herself?


i pray that she never sees this sight! her shorts are damaging enough

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