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June 14, 2007





I can't even begin to list all the dumb questions I have been asked over the years.
My fav is the lady who asked me, "why do you dye your hair unnatural colours?". I told her, "Why not?".

Nikk The Templar

Another phenominal outfit.

And that kitty is seventeen billion kinds of adorable.

Sullen Girl

Thanks, Nikk! That's my Muffin-cat, I've had him since I was 5!!

And Tanya: That's a shirt that YOU gave me!! Remember?


Cool. You do like the stuff I give you. I kid ;-)

Nikk The Templar

Muffin = <3

Sullen Girl

And he has a creamsicle taaaaiiil.


to hell with dyer sheets. which i can't even see... anyway, i think it looks cute, but in a dark, and innocent but intelligent sort of way. anyway, i'm just glad you're alive. i had a creepy dream that you died. not as intricate as most of your dreams, but pretty fucking delusional... anyway, good outfit. i like how you can keep your legs straight throughout your pictures, even though your right leg usually turns in a bit on accident. i always bend my legs and end up having goat leg...I'll try to keep them straighter next time. plus, your knees are good too. I have fat knees. that's why i don't really wear a lot of above the knee skirts...

wow. i'll stop talking.

Sullen Girl

Yeah... dryer sheets... you can't see it because it was actually stuck to the BACK of my thigh INSIDE of my stockings. Oh I am such a mess. I never noticed the leg thing. Is it a good thing to keep it straight? I think people look more shapely when they have a little leg-bend going on, and not just two straight tree branches coming out of a dress. I don't usually think about my legs when I'm standing, I am too busy making sure that my arms don't look awkward. I've always had this thing where I don't know what to do with my arms in pictures. Legs are ok because I'm standing on them, so they don't look quite as... useless as my arms, just hanging there, or folded up weirdly for no reason... *shudders*. I guess we both think too much about this sort of stuff.

Also: you don't have fat knees!! I can't recall what they look like at the moment, but as you have no fat on your body, I'm sure there's no fat on your knees. Unless you have a Fatty Knee Disorder, which doesn't exist so there.

Lastly: I'm sorry I disgraced youyr dreams with my presence. I only have strange dreams when I'm manic.. otherwise, it's just floaty vaque stuff, shapes and colors and random chimes.

OK now I'LL stop talking. I probably should have sent this to you in a PM on SD or something. Haha. I love long comments.


Muffin is busy cleaning his paw. Dryer sheets seem to have a mind of their own .


I have the same problem with figuring out where exactly my arms are supposed to go. And what kind of face to make. and i have an uncanny ability to emulate a retarded half-closed eyes person in about 90 percent of my photos. that's why it takes me so long to post pictures, cause no one has the patience for me to learn how to open my eyes.

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