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June 18, 2007



I love overalls. I think the outfit is cute
so is the posie dog

Nikk The Templar

Digging the shoes & the woof-woof doggy.

Not really down on the hat.


I don't wear hats well because I always get really bad and flat hat-hair - and I hate that. Those shoes are so hot and I like how you paired them with the overalls. You wear them well and manage not to look like an overgrown 6-year-old. I swear that's a compliment, you know what I mean? :)


Hey there. This is Karma- I found your website from TheSkinnyWebsite. You are adorable and your fashion designs are great. I take it you are currently in school? Hope all is well.

Sullen Girl

Hey hey, Karma! Oohh the SkinnySite; that place is the best. Thank you for your compliments, you're too kind.

Yeah, I am in school. I'm studying fashion right now. Hope all's well with you, too.


Those shoes are nearly as cute as the doggy!


I like your millinery.Would that long faced lady ma'am model it? Miss Po, the lady with a 10 inch long face, measured from between her lovely errs to the tip of her double-barreled,wet, black nostrils.

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