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June 24, 2007



I had a top like that as a kid! I think anyway. Most of my friends at that time had those too... It was The Thing I suppose. How clever to use the same idea in shorts - though I'd personally go insane with the beads hitting my legs and everything else, constantly O_O
As for the drawing - I love it. To me she looks surprised, but I can see the sneezing aspect of it too. And alligator sandals would look great on you, so I think you should get a pair.

Nikk The Templar

the question you think that you could pull them off?

Sullen Girl

Who knows? What would it take to pull them off? Are we supposing that it relies solely on physical attributes, or some intangible personality aspect that you either have or don't have?

I would like to think that maybe I could if I had better legs, but perhaps they are for people who are taller, or more apathetic.

Nikk The Templar

I'm thinking it's a combo of physical attributes (cute feet, nice legs, etc) and other things (clothing to go with them).

And your legs are very nice.


I only like those sandals on other people. When I try them on I feel somewhat trapped in a leathery prison. They also give you weird tand lines if you wear them on a hot, sunny day.
And I hate it when women with thick legs wear them. They make their legs look like strangled sausages.


I love the Gladiator sandals, I think they're great and you could probably pull them off in the right outfit. I saw a girl the other day rocking the high-heeled look. I would wear them myself, but alas I do not have long legs! sniff....


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