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June 17, 2007



Is that the tank you got at the first Horrorfind?
I love when I find sales like that. May be I can do the crabby queen look. lol


There's a very down-trodden vibe about this picture. I like the dark eyeliner, and your legs look great


rawr bringing grungy back, eh? i fucking love those shoes...


Love the boots. They have a tough-chick look to them. When combined with the I'm-a-princess tiara it makes a nice dichotomy.

Sullen Girl

Thank you guys.

Yeah Tanya, it's another Horrorfind find!

Kater Potater

OMG OMG OMG... are there more of those boots left from where ever you got them??? Eggplant? Need.


omg, seriously, the shoes are so beautiful!!! Where did you get them?

PS: This is a random question, not associated with the current post. "Sullen Girl"? Are you a Fiona Apple fan?

Sullen Girl

I got the shoes at Bakers, they were left over from last season. Am I a Fiona Apple fan? Yes, rather die-hard Fiona fan. Do you like her?


Yes, I'm a Fiona Apple fan. Actually, I once used Sullen Girl as a username on some website. But that was a long time ago and before I found your blog. lol

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