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June 20, 2007



I don't blame you for loving the sunnies... They look great on you. And you look so happy and comfortable in this picture, makes me want to go sit out in the sunlight (if the sun was shining, which it isn't right now) ^_^

king biscuit

They are cool shades, has to be said.

I'm on the prowl for some bugs, but I haven't found any in my wanderings, will check out a few snowboarding shops, they are bound to have a few pairs!

And I agree with chained, you do look happy and composed in this pic. Nice house to be sitting in front of too. I like the finger pose.

Sullen Girl

Thank you guys!

King Biscuit, what are bugs?

king biscuit

Oh sorry Sullen Girl!
Bugs (short for bug eye) are those large round sunglasses that you sometimes see on funksters, rockers, snow boarders and other folk.

Some examples here not quite what I'm after, but close!

Sullen Girl

Oh! Thanks. Those are cool, are you after a specific color?

king biscuit

Well I'm torn between matt-black and glossy black. But I might go for a colour if it wasn't too strong a colour, I think. And I wouldn't want the lenses to be see-through. Apart from all that, I have no preferences! Ha ha ha.


I would like to ttry to paint this, is there anyway I could obtain a larger photo for reference?

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