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May 30, 2007



Yuck. I totally want to do a European Sharking on her. If you don't know what that is, I'd be happy to explain. =)

Sullen Girl

...and I'd be happy to have it explained.


Just say no to crack!
I like your over-alls. If my ass wasn't so wide I would be sporting them myself

Nikk The Templar



ha ha gross


I thought only skanky celebrities dressed like that. That is so disgusting.How can one walk out of one's home with their hind parts showing? At first I thought her dressed wwas "tucked" into to her gluteal fold.nasty,nasty.Don't she have a mommma?Oh, your overall outfit wasn't dorky, and certainly not nasty.

Eduardo "the freek"

Cuteness...I love the overalls outfit....It know...Cute.
No comment on buttcrack momma over there except to say...Someones trying really hard to be noticed. Too bad the teacher's short and has a latern jaw.

Eduardo "the freek"

"Hi my name is buttcrack....I'm a thong-a-holic..."

king biscuit

Good lord...that is unfortunate. I just finished eating to. Feeling a little queasy now.

You on the other hand do indeed look cute in yer outfit.

Eduardo "the freek"

It's a new sandwich from McDonalds....The McButtcrack!


European Sharking...

Eduardo "the freek"

somehow....I think she is sharking us! Dr. Crackenstein.

Eduardo "the freek"

In the US we would call that rape......Damn puritans take the fun out of everything.

Sullen Girl

Haha mom... her momma's not as good as my momma I guess.

Thanks for the..... disturbing link Sydnee.

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