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May 29, 2007



i like the skirt.
I have no idea who Marrisa Cooper is. sorry :(

Sullen Girl

Ha it's ok Tanya, Marissa Cooper was the main character on The O.C... she was supergirly.

Anna was the "punk/alternative/hipster" character.

Nikk The Templar

I dig the skirt.


The skirt is nice, is it from H&M? I think I've looked at something like it at H&M anyway. You look great in it of course ^_^ And I love your hair in this pic too.
I quite liked Marissa, because I love Mischa (obviously). But her as a goth? You're right. It would never happen. At least it would never work.


Anna was my favourite character. :-)

Eduardo "the Freek"

As sullen as you may want yourself to be...You really bring a lot of life to your outfits by incorporating wonderful colors...Love the top! This outfit is like sweet and sour...The happy color and dark skulls shouldn't go, but they do...and it is deliscious....
Also...I know i keep mentioning it, but your new bangs are just incredibliscious....Hey I made a new word!
Go sister go!


Oh wow, such a cute skirt!

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