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May 29, 2007



But you are who you are ^..^

don't worry about picking up on trends at the right time. I wear what ever because it happens to strike my fancy and I know you do too.


Welcome back.

Don't go away, you're interesting.

Nikk The Templar

Hello, there....


The sun shines again ^_^ Plenty of thank-yous for the swift return. I missed you already.

Sullen Girl

Thank you, online friends!

Eduardo "the Freek"

Nice to meet you....Tabitha....I was just clean the slate of my blackboard....And I happened upon your site.....How weird? *gestures in uninspired surprise*
And after all this....You still hate leggings....Thank GOD!


I'm glad you're back. I've enjoyed reading and looking. I came down with a case of saars when you announced your resignation. Thanks for the allowance.

king biscuit

Cool! Glad that you are back.


and shes back! that picture of that girl inthe see through dress is OUTSTANDING> Do more of those. i loved it. i used to have a skirt like that. i wore it to the beach. only. over bathig suits. it prolly still looked ridiculous. lol. i cant imagine her from the front.

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